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Tenacity to Triumph

Winning doesn't always mean being first, but it does in Spencer Harrison's case! This week, Spencer was named our first Tenacious Telecommunicator of the Year. The custom award was presented to him by the Mayor of Taylorsville, Utah, Kristie S. Overson. Our team created this award to recognize a Public Safety Telecommunicator that values tenacity in their education and advancement in our industry.

Spencer Harrison, ENP CMCP

Spencer currently serves as a Dispatch Supervisor with Summit County Sheriff's Office in Utah. He has completed NENA's Center Manager Certification Program (CMCP) and has obtained his Emergency Number Professional (ENP) certification. Spencer has also served as the President of the Utah Chapter of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA).

All the nominees for this year's award were dedicated, hard-working, and dynamic individuals in our industry. However, Spencer stood out for his remarkable level of tenacity. The Awards and Recognition Committee members have so many amazing things to say about Spencer. Committee Member, Doyle Cutright II, said, "Spencer sounds like he absolutely embodies what it is to be a Tenacious Telecommunicator. This is supported by his willingness to continue learning, even seeking his own funding, becoming familiar with all aspects of what it is to be a Telecommunicator, and most importantly, his ability to adapt and overcome barriers." Committee Chair Valerie D'Intino said, "Spencer's commitment to continual growth, at his own expense, and even when not recognized by receiving a formal leadership title, he remained resolute and contributed to the agency's morale. He displays passion and adaptability that is at the heart of the Tenacious Telecommunicator's core values." Spencer has made an immeasurable contribution to his community, coworkers, and our industry during his over ten years in Public Safety.

Spencer was nominated by Rebekah Johnston, Telecommunicator at Antarctica Fire Department in Utah. Rebekah shared this with our Awards and Recognition Committee, "Spencer's career glitters with examples of his incredible leadership." She stated, "He has actively sought out training that has enriched both his knowledge and the knowledge base of his center." Rebekah also spoke about Spencer's intentions, "He does things not because it benefited him, but because he is passionate about progress in the dispatch world."

Once again, The Tenacious Telecommunicator of the Year for 2022 is Spencer Harrison of Utah. Please join us in congratulating him on this fantastic achievement and for being our inaugural winner.

Kristie S. Overson, Mayor of Taylorsville, UT, presenting the award to winner, Spencer Harrison.


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