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NPSTW & stale donuts

911 Professionals last week were celebrated and recognized for their contribution to the public safety chain. Some states have even reclassified 911 Professionals as First Responders, and rightly so. It was tremendously rewarding to see the fun activities and engagement that our fellow 911 friends got to enjoy.

I've noticed a lot of the messages of excitement and gratitude, but several declare that no one wants pizza parties, a proclamation, or a certificate. Instead, they want more staff, newer technology, better pay, engaging training opportunities, and to be heard. I won't argue any of those benefits.

Consider though, the perspective of those who are taking care of their team. For instance, when your leader shows up with a pizza to "thank you" please just recognize that the pizza is a gift, a genuine act of love for a team they care about, and nearly always is paid for out of their own pocket.

Do not misunderstand me, I will never argue that a pizza party is an equitable exchange for leaders doing the right thing. But the next time you get a small recognition or tiny gift, or donuts delivered; know that there is a team of leaders advocating for you, even when you don't think the wheels turn fast enough to get someone hired, or change a policy or upgrade equipment. The gesture of a pizza is not INSTEAD OF, it's IN ADDITION TO. These leaders continuously support you and your mission behind the scenes. Please remember that the next time you see your management team. They really are on your side.


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