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Our mission

To cultivate an environment that values tenacity in the education and advancement of 911 professionals.


The Tenacious Telecommunicators will;

Maintain professional competence and always seek new    educational opportunities.

Build trust by demonstrating integrity and reliability

Exhibit passion for our industry and have a vision for the future.


Evolve and adapt to our ever-changing needs of our industry.

Create a community that values diversity and teamwork.

Remain tenacious and will never stop pursuing their dreams.


In October 2021, Toby and Valerie attended a pre-conference session at the Virginia APCO/NENA Fall Conference. For introductions they asked attendees to say an adjective to describe them that began with the same letter of their first name. Toby struggled to find the best adjective to describe himself and looked to Valerie for help. Valerie quickly responded Tenacious Toby!

In the months following, Toby continued to learn and build relationships with people in our industry. However, he knew their was an opportunity to make a bigger impact. It was at that point that he reflected back on that influential moment at the pre-conference session. It was at that moment the tenacious telecommunicator was born and he had not yet realized it.

In January 2022, Toby successfully launched The Tenacious Telecommunicator Facebook Group. It became apparent that there was an opportunity to further expand our community and services that we offer. Toby collaborated with colleagues to set into motion his dream. Today we celebrate the amazing community of tenacious telecommunicators that we have collectively built. We can not wait for the other amazing opportunities that are in our future.

OUR Team

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tOBY j aKERS jR, cmcp

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Founder and President
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Randi Palmer

    Chief Content Consultant
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    Valerie D'Intino, enp

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    vice president

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