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The Pursuit

Valerie D'Intino, ENP, RPL

Course Length: 50 Mins - 1 Hour

About the Course


  • Demonstrate the importance and benefits of gratitude.

  • Learn the value of surrounding yourself with those people and experiences that help me feel like my most authentic self.

  • Define joyful movement and understand how it can enhance your wellbeing.

  • Develop an action plan to achieve goals, continually.


Everyone wants more from life! This course will focus on how to create circumstances and conditions that help us achieve more, more happiness, more job satisfaction, better performance, more contentment, more energy, more motivation, & an overall more abundant life.

Not only will I share research that demonstrates the benefits of practicing gratitude, this class is meant to empower participants to let go of people & things that don't serve them well while finding the ones that do. I'll share my approach to moving with intention (Yes, exercise!) to create joy. Lastly, I will focus on the importance of setting goals to achieve continual self-improvement (along with guidance on changing dreams into action plans to achieve those goals).

Your Instructor

Valerie D'Intino, ENP, RPL

Valerie D'Intino, ENP, RPL

Serving in the public safety sector since 1998, Valerie started as a Public Safety Telecommunicator.   She then became a CTO, and later a supervisor while working with the Christiansburg Police Department.  Valerie joined the New River Valley Emergency Communications Regional Authority (Montgomery County, Virginia) in 2015 as the first Training Coordinator for this newly formed agency.

Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Virginia Tech Police are some of the agencies with which NRV 911 partners.  NRV 911 is currently the only 911 Authority operating autonomously in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  In 2010, the Virginia General Assembly formed this agency, and operations went live in the summer of 2016.

As Training Coordinator for NRV 911, Valerie oversees the CTOs and their assigned trainees, as well as serving on the hiring panel.  Newly selected team members are provided on-boarding and software education designed and conducted by Valerie.

Valerie is a DCJS General Instructor as well, and teaches at the Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy. Valerie obtained her Emergency Number Professional (ENP) Certification in October 2022. She also began APCO's RPL program in 2022.  Her “project” for RPL is to obtain the ATPC (Agency Training Program Certification) for NRV 911.  Her passions lie in helping to develop staff to their fullest potential through opportunities for education, as well as empowerment through encouragement and affirmations.

Off duty you’ll find her teaching Zumba® fitness at the local YMCA, traveling with her grandchildren or volunteering at a senior assisted living facility teaching Zumba Gold® (seated fitness) to residents.

She enjoys traveling, movies, gardening, cooking, and rock painting.  Valerie collects inspirational quotes, affirmations, crystals, and journals.


"Valerie speaks from such a place of genuine compassion and care."

"This training was so amazing it helped me implement new practices in my personal life."

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