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Launching Beyond the Console

Toby J. Akers Jr., CMCP

Course Length: 50 Mins - 1 Hour

About the Course


  • Define professional development and discuss its importance.

  • Evaluate pre-launch criteria.

  • Examine the components of a professional development plan.

  • Consider your obligation to share knowledge with industry professionals.


The sky is the limit when it comes to opportunities! This session discusses and defines professional development and why it is important for you and your organization. We will begin with a pre-check to make sure you meet the criteria necessary for launch. We will then take a deep dive into the components of a professional development plan and allow you time to put it to the test with an upcoming goal. Finally, after your successful launch, we will discuss ways you can share your knowledge and get others in your orbit of endless opportunities.

Your Instructor

Toby J. Akers Jr., CMCP

Toby J. Akers Jr., CMCP

Over the past several years, Toby has served New River Valley Emergency Communications Regional Authority (NRV911) as a Communications Officer. Additionally, Toby serves as the lead CPR Instructor at NRV 911. Toby continues to exhibit his passion for his career through seeking new training opportunities, speaking engagements, and networking with other emergency communications professionals. Toby completed the Center Manager Certification Program (CMCP) in December 2022. He plans to obtain his Emergency Number Professional (ENP) certification in the next three years.

Before his time at NRV911, Toby served as a Security Center Representative at the Virginia Tech Police Department. In this role, Toby monitored campus video surveillance systems and alarm panels, activated university emergency notifications, and processed departmental calls.  Toby developed and maximized relationships with the diverse population of Virginia Tech’s students, faculty, staff, and constituents.

In addition, Toby served in various leadership positions for the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads (VAVRS), most notably serving as the State Training Officer for the VAVRS. In this role, Toby created training manuals for instructors and employees, oversaw the statewide training programs with over 100 instructors, and taught various public safety classes across the Commonwealth. Toby also served as the Membership Lieutenant at Christiansburg Rescue, responsible for overseeing the new volunteer member orientation program.

Outside of public safety, Toby enjoys traveling, gardening, rollerblading, and time with friends.




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