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Joey Thacker

Co-Response Coordinator/Law Enforcement Liaison - New River Valley Community Services (NRVCS)

Joseph Thacker (Joey) began his law enforcement career in 2002 with the Waynesboro Police
Department. Through the years he has worked at several Law Enforcement agencies and two Law
Enforcement Training Academies. He was certified as a CIT officer in 2009 (Jefferson Area CIT Training)
and has been a CIT instructor since 2015 (NRVCS CIT Instructor). Joey has been a General Instructor since
2006 and is a Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, TASER Instructor, Bola Wrap Master
Instructor, Chemical Agent and Less-Lethal Instructor, SFST Instructor, and Implicit Biased Instructor.
Joey works as the Co-Response Coordinator/Law Enforcement Liaison with New River Valley Community
Services and is a part-time Officer with the Dublin Police Department.

Session Info


March 14
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT): An Overview for Call Takers and Dispatchers

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