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Early Career Professionals


Introducing an Idea
Introducing an Idea


This committee is tasked with cultivating an environment where individuals ... 

Requirements to serve

We offer training courses that are constantly evolving and adapting to your needs. Click below to view our course listing and to view our schedule. You will also get a sneak peak of our courses in development. We hope you can attend one of our courses very soon!

Young Volunteers
Shared Office

area of focus

The Tenacious Telecommunicator Award recognizes individuals who exhibit our groups core values:

Tenacious Telecommunicators will;

  • Maintain professional competence and always seek new educational opportunities.

  • Build trust by demonstrating integrity and reliability.

  • Exhibit passion for our industry and have a vision for the future.

  • Evolve and adapt to the ever-changing needs of our industry.

  • Create a community that values diversity and team work.

  • Remain tenacious and will never stop pursuing their dreams.

Committee Members

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